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What Can You Expect When You Visit Michael Angelo Salon & Spa

Upon arrival you shall be greeted by our friendly front of house "experience coordinator."  They will offer you a specialty coffee, tea or infused water.  All while the provider is being notified of your arrival. 

By the late afternoon a lovely wine or prosecco is offered to wind down any stress from the day.

Once you are with the Michael Angelo provider, you can expect a consultation on your chosen service. 

If here for our spa services, our esthetician staff will surely meet all of your waxing and skin care needs. You should expect the best calming facial in Palm Beach County that delivers immediate results in skin tightening. Most skin care products used are ready for you in our retail store to take home for continued results.

If here for our hair services, our stylist will talk with you to get a deep understanding of your biggest challenges and work with you on how to ease your struggles.

Our stylists will help you to create beauty goals and work with your inspiration. We love to connect with you and your lifestyle so you can enjoy your look in between visits. 

Of course with most hair services you will need to visit our wash area. There our stylists are accustomed to educating you on our conditioning and scalp massage treatments. Not only do these treatments rehydrate and repair your hair, this experience can take away any stress. 

This is a good time for another tea or a glass of bubbly.

Now it’s time for that prefect precision cut and finish blow dry. Here is when we will discuss all the products we are using to create your look.

After that a trip with the stylist to our retail area is always fun. Who doesn't love to shop?

Once your experience is complete, you will now be reintroduced to our up front experience coordinator. She will be just as delighted to see your results as you are.  She is always happy to assist with reserving your next visit.

If time is ticking for you as there aren’t enough hours in the day, we can also offer chair side checkout. 

During any of your visits, our greatest joy is making the connection and building trust. You will feel you are in good, caring hands. Whether you want to sit and chat away or just chill in silence, we’ve got you. We want to make your salon visit a wonderful and personal experience.

We appreciate you and your support of our small community business. We love what we do and that is what makes us a caring team. 

We always look forward to seeing you again.

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