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1. The gift of beauty makes everyone feel special! Begin by clicking the "Purchase" button above.

2. Enter any denomination, and select whether the gift card is for you or a friend.

 - If you are an existing client, please enter your full name as we have it in our system. (As well as the full name of the recipient if you are purchasing for a friend.)

- If you are new to the salon, enter your full name and a file will be created for you in our system.


3. Choose your template.

4. Next, click "Delivery." If you are an existing client, enter the email address associated with your file in our system. If you are new to us, the email you provide will be added to your file.

5. Enter your credit card information to complete your purchase. You will be emailed a receipt and your gift card! 

6. Please print out your gift card, it must be present at the time of use. Enjoy!

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