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Haircut Pricing

Level 7

Women's Cut & Style $92+ Curly Girl Cut $90+ Men's Cut & Style $45+

Level 6

Women's Cut & Style $87+ Curly Girl Cut $90+ Men's Cut & Style $45+

Level 5

Women's Cut & Style $82+ Curly Girl Cut $85+ Men's Cut & Style $39+

Level 4

Women's Cut & Style $78+ Curly Girl Cut $80+ Men's Cut & Style $39+

Level 3

Women's Cut & Style $73+ Curly Girl Cut $75+ Men's Cut & Style $38+

Level 2

Women's Cut & Style $68+ Curly Girl Cut $73+ Men's Cut & Style $38+

Level 1

Women's Cut & Style $61+ Curly Girl Cut $73+ Men's Cut & Style $35+

Curly Hair Specialist

At the Michael Angelo Salon & Spa we take our curly hair guests SERIOUSLY. We are even more serious about curly hair education! Often times, hairstylists are not trained in how to deal with curly hair. They are taught one method of cutting – straight hair cutting. They may even think that curly hair needs to be thinned out or straightened before cutting. If you have curly hair, you need a curly hair specialist – like our stylists! We understand the special attention that curly hair requires.

Styles of Highlights


病状が急を要するなど、やむを得ぬ事情の場合には予約外でもお受けすることがあります。但しご予約を取られている方の予約時間が大幅に遅れることもあるので、予約外の診療の場合、お待ち頂く時間は長めになることもございます。システム維持のためにも出来るだけご予約を取って頂くことをお願い致します。 ご自分の状態が急を要するかどうかわからない場合は受付までお電話ください。


ご高齢やお耳の病気で予約電話が上手く出来ない方は受付まで直接お電話ください。 代表電話  042-728-8737


音声外来は自動予約システムからの予約は受け付けておりません。 先ずは一般外来のご予約を取って頂き、基本的な診察をした上で、診察時にご予約を入れることになります。数カ月先のご予約となることもあります。


音声疾患 連携病院の項をご参考にしてください。 連携病院一覧


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保険診療で対応しています。 現在はEAT治療に対する保険点数が無いので、EATの治療をする際の手技が副鼻腔炎治療に対する綿棒を入れたり吸引したりする処置に準じるものとして点数を算定しています。 処置の価値としてはその10倍以上に匹敵するものと思います。


多くの患者様にお受けして頂きたいので原則は2週間に1回とさせて頂いております。 内視鏡下のEAT(E-EAT)は月に一回のペースなら行えるので、これを利用するとEATの効果は格段に上がり、効果も長くなります。

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The Bounce

We understand that curly hair has a bounce factor. When a curl is pulled down and stretched out, it is usually several inches longer than at it’s relaxed state. This is why we cut curly hair dry, not wet. We cut curly hair in its natural formation and without tension or elevation. We DON’T use combs on our curlies either. Combing and brushing are not necessary and can stretch and damage fragile curls. We can teach you how to detangle, with the right product, when your hair is wet. We also know the desire to kill the frizz while maintaining the volume and bounce.

Coloring Curly

Not only do we specialize in cutting curly hair but we also specialize in coloring curly hair. You always have to pay attention to where we are placing highlights so when your hair is curly your highlights don't look bunched and un-natural.  We also make sure your color looks amazing if you straighten your hair as well. 

Learn More

Our curly hair specialists can work with you; teaching and guiding you in the proper care, maintenance,and styling of your natural curl! Stop fighting your curls! Call us for a free consultation with one of ourcurly hair specialists today! 561-966-1661.

Curly Girl Cut

Our hair stylists specialize in Curly Hair Cuts and Coloring

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Michael Angelo Salon

Wellington's premier salon, we specialize in precision hair cuts for all types of hair including curly hair, long hair, thick hair and even thinning hair. All our hair stylists are experienced in Balayage, Full Highlights, Babylights, Teasy Lights, Extensions, Keratin Treatments, Gray hair coverage and use all natural and ammonia-free products. 

We proudly use L'Oreal Professional ammonia free, Kerastase, Shu Uemura holistic beauty, Baxter paraben-free men's and Environ products. 

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