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Jessica C.

"Love this salon! Great staff and experience. I like the products that they use, and how attentive they are. I highly recommend to friends and family."

Laura C.

"All the stylists were extremely friendly and very active in making my experience their great. I highly recommend this salon to anyone in the South Florida area who wants amazing looking hair!"

Sue B.

"I love this Salon! All their stylists go through continuous education, so they are also up on the latest and greatest hairstyles!"

Natalie C.

"Just what I was looking for high level of expertise, the salon is very modern and clean, my hairdresser and everyone else I spoke to was lovely."

First Balayage Visit
Precision Bob Haircut
Hair Extensions

Our Products

What we are able to achieve in the salon largely depends on how you take care of your hair at home. Your dream hair is an investment. Be sure to protect that investment by using professional products available in our retail store. What you get from Amazon or anywhere besides IN THE SALON, can be tampered with or may not even be the real product. We are a wealth of knowledge, and continually receive advanced education on all the lines we carry. Many times we see clients using products not meant for their hair type, and those products can do more harm than good. Let us design the perfect home haircare beauty routine for you!

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