Level 2 Stylist/Colorist

I have been with the Michael Salon since I was 16, so I grew up here. I love industry shows, such as the prestigious Intercoiffure Mondial where I have attended and worked backstage for the past two years. I will travel and learn from just about any show that inspires me. I went through the Michael Angelo associate program and have been doing hair since 2013.

When I was sixteen… growing up, I always did my friends hair. I am inspired by Michael Angelo himself, and one of my other strong mentors was Jamie. There passion rubs off on me.

My first thoughts are to introduce them to INOA color. Being ammonia free hair color, I got excited when products we use are not only healthier for the hair but for the environment. We establish what over all color they want. I like to use magazines as a reference. Every one sees colors differently. So I want to make sure I have the tones that my clients want. Also, take a simple thing like high lights. They aren’t so simple. I compare them to a whisper, a talk or a scream, then I can understand how bright and or big my clients wants them to be. Easy going, but I like funky/chic. Having fun and making people happy

How do you approach a hair cut?
Consult consult consult!!! I like to know a persons life style and make the cut fit them. Very often people will come into the salon with a cut correction. I let them know we are on a journey together for next 2 or 3 cuts, so I can get the look where it needs to be