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Level 1 Stylist/Colorist

I started my career in February 2014 at a salon in Palm Beach.  In a desire to further my education and awaken creativity, I pursued employment at Michael Angelo Salon. I am ambitious, hardworking with great expectations to one day possess extensive knowledge of industry changes, modern and classic hair designs and hair care techniques for women, men and children.
I think as a young girl my desire to learn about hair and make-up always fascinated me. It wasn’t until recently that I thought it would be a great experience to do this professionally. Each and every client inspires me. I think that your hair style and color should match your personality. A great consultation is my best approach.

Although changing your hair color can be exciting and daring, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm yourself or compromise the health of your hair. Naturally, easing into coloring your hair with highlights and low lights would be a great start. I always like to make sure I establish my clients’ wants. I like to find out their approach to styling their hair on a daily basis. I also like to consider their own personal style and implement that in the haircut. I always like to consider the natural color of their hair including the undertone, the tone of their skin, and the color of their eyes.

Describe your personal style?
I love to be comfortable with a splash of femininity. Classic and natural.